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A Set of FOFA Key Finders

NEW  Are you tired of Losing your stuff?
Are you tired of someone else losing their stuff?

Now you can use your Wallet to Find Your Keys and Vice Versa!

 FOFA - XD! Our Patented 2-Way Wireless Key Finders.
No Base to lose - Each can find the others - Expandable
 Use on Cell Phones - Keys - Wallets - Purses - Glasses - Remote Controls - the possibilities are endless.


As well as selling our unique key finder system, when we fix something or discover a solution, we like to share - here is another page to help out. DJM.  All material here - Copyright (C) 2009 Melbourne Designs, LLC. OK, so it's a cheap plug to advertise FOFA - please forgive us! Also, if you add a link to this page, other owners can share this too.

Use at your own risk - we bear no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the use of this information. Be careful with tools! Get help if you need it!

How to fix a flat screen TV? Here's an example of one we worked on.....

How to fix a Dead 37" LCD TV Scott / LG / AKAI Model # LCT37SHA
TV also sold by RadioShack. Died in less than 13 months!

No Red light - No Power - Power Supply Dead - Power Supply Fried. Part # MLT386X

Started fixing the Power supply -

Dead (shorted) FET Part # 20N60 at position QA1 cost about $3
Don't forget the little gray ferrite-type bead on the center leg and use some thermal heat paste (the white stuff)

Shorted 1N5406 Diode at position DA2 ($0.19) and fried parallel capacitor CK23 underneath - Make sure you clean the cap and residue off the board - This cap arcing may have been the root cause of the FET failure, replaced with 1000pF ceramic *there are several others around this area.

Others have had to replace the 1000uF and 470uF caps in the secondary part of the supply - mine were OK

Open 5A Fuse of course.

Parts all obtained from Total Parts cost about $5

UPDATE 9/28/09

Success! Replaced 5A 250V Slowblow Pigtail Fuse, FET (QA1), Diode (DA2), Capacitor 1000pF (CK23) under DA2 diode,
Added new heat compound where it had dried up. I am considering adding fan above PSU to avoid this problem in the future.
The heat problem with this unit made me decide to add some fans - I just don't want to do this fix again.

(Please note - Copy this design at your own risk)

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