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Use your Wallet to find your keys ..... and vice versa!
Brand New FOFA Wireless Key Finder System - can find each other even when buried! Description : Both FOFA shapes shown with a key on the keyfob FOFA and the Flat FOFA laying on an open wallet.
Tired of losing your Keys?
 What about your Wallet, Glasses,
 Cell phone, or those pesky Remotes? 
Melbourne Designs is a Better Business Bureau Online Accredited Business

 Introducing our Patented Find One Find All® 
 Key Finders,
or FOFA® (foh-fah)  for short.
 Once a FOFA Key Finder is
attached to your
 keys and other easy-to-lose things, it can
 find and be found  by all the rest! 
Use your wallet to find your keys, your keys to find               
 a misplaced remote control, or any of them to find         
 an uncharged or
 muted cell phone.

  See below for
Available FOFA Sets.



 Award winning technology.  Stop looking for lost things! Lose the stress instead.

So how does FOFA work?   Which one is the "Base"?

Unlike other key finders, every FOFA is the "Base" also!
   How?  Each has a built-in transmitter which can signal
   any of the others, up to 30 feet away! Now you can

   find lost things even when away from home.
   The Batteries (Included!) last a year of average use
   and are available everywhere.

 Ships TODAY from TEXAS - Get yours FAST!
US Priority Mail for 2-3 day delivery

          "The gift for someone who has
                 everything ... but loses it" ™


Have Questions? Don't Know what to order?  Call us! 

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Arlington, Texas USA

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  Customer Comments:

"My wife is forever misplacing her keys, cell phone, glasses, and TV remote and up until we discovered these fabulous devices, she used to drive us crazy making us all look for them. Thank you for these."
..... Gene P, Rockport ME  September 2010

"Thanks again.  It is amazing how much stress can be relieved by just finding something.. It works! Nice loud beep! Easy set up! Very quick ship!" 
Rich G,  Kinnelon, NJ

 "I have been using the FOFA gizmos and find the whole thing to be really helpful.  I am going to order more for various friends and family."
Ray V, CA      

 "You have possibly saved my marriage..." "THIS WAS AN AWESOME GIFT!"
 ... Monica H, MI May 2006

With a FOFA tied to my (cell) phone, I still found it even when I left the ringer off yesterday...
 ...  Teresa S, ID,


"I love my FOFA's. I have 6 of them and they have saved me more time and aggravation than any
   other convenience device I have.  I would be lost, or at least my keys would be, without them!"
... Margie E , TX  

   "I had stopped at the market and when I was leaving, my keys were gone...

    I remembered that I had looked at some plants on the way in. I signaled around the plants,
    and suddenly the plants spoke back.  The keys were nicely camouflaged, but not lost! Hooray!"
  ...  Carol B. Houston TX

   "Works great - Thanks - Haven't been late for work since!!" ... Sha K HI April 2009

   "Your beepers are the best.." (See Actual Note from Marv! ) ... Marv S Miami FL Oct 2010
See More Customer Comments.

 We Warranty FOFA.    30 Day Money Back Guarantee +  90 Day Parts & Labor Warranty-

See Our Refund Policy.   Your Privacy and Security is very important to us - See our Security   Policy

 Here's how to order!  

        Available FOFA SETS - Buy as many as you need.


     All the shapes work together - Work out how many Sets you need then Click the  Order  Button!

Description: Set of 2  FOFA Key fobs in gift box inner tray.                                             
 FOFA®XD Set of 2 Key fobs ...... $2495     LOW STOCK! 
    The perfect starter set for those who just want to find their keys.                                                          

    Includes two Key fob finders, batteries, attachment materials, and easy-to-follow instructions. 
    Can find each other, find and be found by all the other kinds of FOFAs also - available separately
    below. Comes in a colorful gift box. Patented
*Texas Res. Add 8% tax     

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Tired of Losing your Wallet? Where's that Remote Control?
Add Flat FOFAs to your FOFA Key Locator System and solve those problems too! At only 6mm thick, and smaller than a credit card, this FOFA was engineered as a wallet finder and for flat remote controls. Now your keys can find your wallet and vice versa!

Description: Flat FOFA Picture showing the keypad with 6 buttons with 1,2,3 above the 4,5,6 FOFA®XD Additional Flat / Wallet Style ...... $1495    IN STOCK!
Really, the more important question is ... "Where is your wallet?"™       

 Includes one Flat Finder, battery, attachment materials and easy-to-follow instructions.
 Can find and be found by key fob FOFAs, other Flat FOFAs and Glasses FOFAs.
                                   Comes in a colorful gift box. Patented  
*Texas Res. Add 8% tax 

Special Offer! (
Back By Popular Demand )
 2 X Flat / Wallets -

Get 2 Flats and save money. Put one in your wallet and one on the remote.
They can find each other and your other FOFAs also!
 Includes two Flat/Wallet Finders, batteries, attachment materials
 and easy-to-follow instructions in two colorful gift boxes. Patented
*Texas Res. Add 8% tax 

 Special Offer! (
Limited Time )
  1 Key + 1 Flat/Wallet  -

  Great for your wallet and keys. Use your wallet to find your keys
  and vice versa! Order more to add to these once you find how useful they are!
                                                       Includes one Key fob finder and one Flat/Wallet Finder, batteries, attachment materials
                                                       and easy-to-follow instructions in a colorful gift box. Patented
 *Texas Res. Add 8% tax 

Misplaced your Glasses? Lost those expensive Sunglasses again?  
Now there is a FOFA specially designed for this frustration too! Weighing less than half an ounce with built in lanyards, this
FOFA can help you find your keys, wallet, cell phone, remotes or be found by any of them up to 60 feet away!

Description: Flat FOFA Picture showing the keypad with 6 buttons with 1,2,3 above the 4,5,6
   FOFA®XD Additional
   Glasses Finder ...
95  IN STOCK! 


Follow the beep!  Tell me more? Click HERE

Includes one Glasses Finder with built in lanyards, battery,
and easy-to-follow instructions. Can find and be found by key fob
FOFAs, Flat FOFAs and other Glasses FOFAs also!
Comes in a colorful gift box. Patented  *Texas Res. Add 8% tax 


® XD Features
  - Common to all shapes....

  • Use anywhere, with 2-Way operation, no "Base" Transmitter is needed. 2-Way,
    Bi-directional Operation.
    Each FOFA Key Finder can find the others! 
  • No False Alarms!  No clapping or whistling
  • XD Proximity Detect  radio feedback feature lets you know an item
    is there but possibly buried.
  • RF Wireless operation - Works through walls, sofa cushions, laundry baskets, etc
    Award winning RFID Radio Transponder technology.
  • NEW! One Button Setting - get them going in seconds!
  • Expandable - Use up to 36 FOFA Key Finders in one household or office!
  • Up to 30 ft range. Loud 94 dB beep and flashing LED alarm. Hear Key finder alarm!
  • Batteries Included!   Uses commonly available inexpensive CR2032 coin cell  
  • NEW! Easy Pull Battery Tab activation.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions. Read the FOFA XD Owners Manual! 
     Front(pdf - 3Mb) and Back (pdf - 1Mb)

    or  Image Front (jpg)    
      Image Back (jpg)   (Get free Adobe Reader)
  • Attachment hardware and key rings included.
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee. (less S&H)                                                   
  • Your Privacy and Security is very important to us - See our policy

   We ship your Key Finders the same day US Priority Mail for orders before 3pm CST
   US Delivery in 1-3 days. Express Mail also available - 1-2 day delivery.

Description: FCC Logo CE (Europe) Logo RoHS Compliant logo. SSL Certificate,  
Melbourne Designs is a Better Business Bureau Online Accredited Business   Award winning FOFA 2-Way Wireless Key Finder Technology                                                                                        

Sending FOFAs to our Troops abroad?
 Let us pick up the shipping! Call us to arrange this. TOLL FREE (866)245-8670



More Customers Comments about FOFA®  Key Finders / Key Locators

I still lose my keys, I just find them a whole lot quicker! lol" Sandi M, Ariz, June 2007
"They are great gadgets and the best thing was being able to call and talk to a real person. I really liked that."
Misty R Langhorne PA
"I ordered 4 Sets as Christmas presents - they ALL loved them! " Sharon H, Meridian. CA January 2006
"I will tell everyone I know  (about FOFA). By the way, I just got them and have already used them 4 times!!!
Thanks again! " 
Anita G, Escondido, CA
"I received the [key finders] yesterday.  It was a b-day present for my wife, who loved it.  Might even order another set.  Thanks!!!" John K, Monterey Park, CA 
" I  LOVE the Key Finders!  Already have one installed on the remote control as a remote finder..  I must search
 for that thing 3-4 times a day. My "wheel-spinning" time will now be decreased thanks to your product.
No longer can the remote, the purse, the car keys hide from me.  The units are good-looking and work very well.
 I'll be ordering more for gifts in the future"
", Lynne D, Vallejo, CA

"You have helped reduce my stress! This morning I used my FOFA's for the first time.
 This time my keys and I left on time. Thanks! "
Sandy W, Midlothian TX.
"Now (I) understand now why FOFA is the best in all the key finder reviews ...." Kim A Fargo NC
My problems ended just 2 days after I hit the "Buy" button - LOL" Jeff L, Huntington Beach, CA

And some from eBay on our Key Finders... (over 900 reviews available!)
"Très bien, je suis très satsifait"
March 2009  Your guess is as good as ours but - Merci beaucoup!
"It works! Nice loud beep! Easy set up! Very quick ship!"
February 2008
Great product. shipped fast and well packaged
" November 2007
"Love these! Great invention: sets up in a snap. Super srvc from this A+ seller!" May 2007
"Super fast shipping and GREAT item - I should've bought some of these years ago".
April 2007

"You have possibly saved my marriage..."
April 2006
"Used It Today ! Works Great ! Bought 3 Sets ! Finding Everything Saving Time !!" October 2005
"WOW - what an XLNT product and seller - I will be back for more - 5 STARS"
"excellent product!! Works exactly as stated!! Will do business with again!! "   
Quality product and service! Helpful gift as low vision aid"
"FANTASTIC - fast delivery and great key finder - BEST on the market :) "
"The world is a better place with FOFA's. I can find anything now!"
"..wonderful, saved my daughter $125.00 already"
"Fab! A blind mans dream. Fast shipping."
"Great product. Terrific seller. Very nice people to deal with ...'
"Wonderful & friendly seller! Superb packing! Love the FOFA's! Highly recommend!" 
"Really great product. Excellent communications, fast delivery. Recommended!!!!!!
"excellent product, quick shipping"
Great item. I've bought 2. Thanks"
"Great item. I bought another one" "Excellent service, fast shipping and great product!"
 "Quick ship, great item. I'll be back for more!" 


" A Simple Solution for one of life's stressful problems..."  

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