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           Introducing - The FOFAXD® Glasses Finder!

Have you ever spent time looking for glasses or sunglasses? Drives you crazy doesn’t it? Brand new is a tiny lanyard FOFA, just for eyeglasses. Now you can use your keys to find your glasses and vice versa! The FOFA® Glasses Finder has a fully adjustable glasses lanyard built in.  Adjust the length to suit your preference, they are comfortable to wear and have an amazing 60 foot range!


Now, when you cannot remember where you left your specs, you can just grab any of your other FOFAs and push a  button. Your glasses FOFA will start beeping loudly, flashing a light and sending back the XD Proximity Detect™ radio beacon also! Works with all other FOFAs! Finally, a solution to the age-old problem of losing glasses!

The Additional GXD-27 FOFA Glasses Finder

 There are 2 ways to wear your
 FOFA Glasses Finder lanyard, the
 traditional way, with the fabric
 ropes longer, or a more sporty
 way, with them short (as seen
 opposite) The advantage?- Your
 glasses cannot fall off anymore!

 The disadvantage? People will
 keep asking you what  it is, and to
 share the secret.


It is up to you whether you tell them ..... 

Order yours today and say "Goodbye" to one more stressful thing in life.

Each Additional FOFAXD® Glasses Finder comes complete with battery, Easy to follow instructions, and built-in lanyard.  Remember - You must have at least one other FOFA (any shape) to be able to use your Glasses FOFA!

1.9" x 1" x 0.3" (50mm x 25mm x 8mm)
Weight 1/2oz (including battery)
Battery / Battery Life  2032 Coin cell (included) 1 year of normal useFOFA Glasses Finder next to a US Quarter
Lanyard length - Adjustable Total length Approx 12-24" (25cm to 50cm)
Sound Frequency Level : 3kHz (2 tone sound)  - Approx 92dB
Range : 60ft (20m) - (Clear line of sight conditions)
Price : $14.95

FOFA -XD 100% Compatible